The Ultimate Alberta Crown Land Guide

We developed this guide to help Albertans make the most of all of the gorgeous backcountry that people travel from all over the world to come see – except that our crown land is a hidden little gem away from the crowds.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Crown Land Camping in Alberta

We have put together this ultimate beginners guide crown land camping in Alberta with the hope of introducing new campers to the thrill of escaping the stresses of urban life. This guide will help users identify the different types of public land, use the land in a safe and environmentally conscious manner, and provide tips to make your crown land camping experience awesome!

Alberta Provincial Parks

Alberta has over 75 provincial parks spread across the province with a diverse range of terrain, features, and activities. Most of the Provincial Parks also have camping, fishing, and hiking opportunities.

Explore Alberta’s Unique Ghost Towns

Alberta’s frontier was a relentless place with harsh winters, unforgiving terrain, and at the mercy of market conditions in the east. Most of today’s towns and cities have survived these conditions and thrived but there are many that weren’t so fortunate. Take a dive into Alberta’s rich history by exploring our ghost towns.


“At length the Rocky Mountains came in sight like shining white clouds on the horizon, but we doubted what our guide said; but as we proceeded, they rose in height, their immense masses of snow appeared above the clouds, and formed an impassable barrier, even to the Eagle”

— David Thompson

(Page 60 of The Old North Trail (Cree Trail) 1750 – 1822) – Documented just south of Olds. Alberta

What is The Wild Albertan?

The Wild Albertan is a website created by Timothy J. Tetreault – a lifetime Albertan – with the intent to help other Albertans (and tourists) make the most of our great province. All of us at The Wild Albertan are passionate about the things Alberta has to offer: some of the most beautiful outdoors, world class skiing, several of the highest ranking cities in the world, and of course a little bit of those down-home country values that we Albertans pride ourselves on.

When The Wild Albertan is fully built out, expect to find guides on all kinds of outdoor activities across the province including skiing, hunting, firearms skills, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

We would love it if you joined us on this adventure:

Our Latest Content

Top 3 Crown Land Locations Near Calgary

Calgary has some incredible public land right on our doorstep yet many Calgarians don’t even know of its existence. Of Alberta’s 19 Public Land Use Zones, 8 of them are within a 2 hour drive from Calgary with 2 of those being 45 minutes or less. We have gone through the PLUZ near Calgary and…

Exploring Alberta’s Ghost Towns: Saunders, Alberta

Saunders, Alberta was a coal mining town found alongside the North Saskatchewan river between Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg. It is a popular place for hikers, adventurers, ghost town enthusiasts, and campers. It is found about 20km east of Kiska/Willson PLUZ.

Exploring Alberta’s Ghost Towns: Minnewanka Landing

Each day, thousands of Albertans and tourists explore Lake Minnewanka, but many don’t know about the ghost town lying beneath its frigid waters. Minnewanka Landing was a playground for the rich and affluent at the turn of the 20th century. It would later be destroyed because of Calgary’s growth. Here is that story!

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