Exploring Alberta’s Provincial Parks: Big Hill Springs

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About Big Hill Springs

Big Hill Springs is a provincial park found just west of Calgary, Alberta. The park is built around a small creek that eventually feeds into the Bow River near Cochrane. The main attraction to Big Hill Springs is the two unique tiered waterfalls that the creek tumbles down. For people who like exploring ghost towns and ruins – Big Hill Springs has some ruins of its own. There are the ruins of an old fish hatchery that can be found in the park as well as those of Alberta’s first commercial creamery.

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Summer at Big Hill Springs

In the summertime, Big Hill Springs is a popular place for people who want to take easy hikes and explore Alberta’s parks without getting too far from the city. Picnics are popular in the summer, and the creek valley makes for some terrific scenic pictures. There is lots of wildlife through the valley including deer, moose, and coyotes. Additionally, Big Hill Springs makes for some good geocaching.

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Winter at Big Hill Springs

Winter offers the same activities as summertime except that you will definitely want to bundle up! The waterfalls make for good photography in the wintertime.

Camping at Big Hill Springs

As of 2023, Big Hill Springs doesn’t offer any camping for visitors.

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This data is accurate as of 2023

Distances to Alberta Cities

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Distance to Lethbridge: 251km

Distance to Grande Prairie: 680km

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