Exploring Alberta’s Provincial Parks: Peter Lougheed

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About Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is found in Southern Alberta near the British Columbia border. It is one the largest provincial parks in Alberta covering about 304 square kilometers (117 square miles). The park was initially named ‘Kananaskis Provincial Park’ but was later renamed ‘Peter Lougheed’ after the Alberta premier who served between 1971 – 1985. The park is focused around the Kananaskis lakes and provided a wide range of activities in both the summer and the winter.

Peter Lougheed’s land was used by local first nations such as the Stoney-Nakoda, Kootenai, Siksika, Kainai, Peigan, and Tsuut’ina tribs prior to European contact.

Peter Lougheed was part of the Rocky Mountains National Park (predecessor to Banff National Park) until 1911 when it was turned over to the Alberta government instead. Today, the park has an extensive amount of day use areas, trailheads, campgrounds, group camping facilities, and even a visitor center.

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Summer at Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park offers a massive amount of summer activities in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Hiking is a very popular activity in this provincial park and there are hundreds of trails ranging between front country, back country, and interpretive. These trails are excellent for mountain biking in the summertime. There are equestrian trails as well in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. There are many rivers, lakes, and creeks in the park to take a dip in on a hot summer day, or to canoe and kayak. Additionally, power boating, wind surfing, sailing, and fishing are popular activities on the lakes through the park.

There is a wide range of camping opportunities as well with 11 campgrounds in the park. Some of these are backcountry (hiking in) spots while others are accessible by road. Services range from laundromats and showers to nothing but trees so all camping needs can be met here.

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Winter at Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is a favourite in the wintertime as well because there are many areas that allow cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the wintertime. Some areas allow ice fishing as well. The Rocky Mountains are especially beautiful in the wintertime and the snow on the trees make for some surreal photos for photographers.

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Camping at Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park has 13 campgrounds, and 2 group use areas. It is one of the highest capacity provincial parks in Alberta and accommodate all kinds of camping and recreational needs.

CampgroundAmenitiesType of SiteAmount AvailableCost/Night
Aster Lake Backcountry*
(June 23 – November 30)
NoneBackcountry (no fires)5$12.00
Boulton Creek Campground
(May 11 – October 9)
Firepits, Flush Toilets, Pay Phone, Power, Showers ($3.00/5 min), Secure Food Storage, Wheelchair accessible, water hookups, supply store.Unserviced86$31.00
Walk In Tenting6$31.00
Water/Power (15/30 amp)37$47.00
Water/Sewer/Power (15/30 amp)32$55.00
Canyon Campground
(May 18 – September 18)
Firepits, Playground, Outhouses, Boat Launch, Sewage Dump, Water (tap).Unserviced50$31.00
Elbow Lake Backcountry Campground
(June 23 – November 30)
Secure Food Storage, Outhouses. No fires allowed.Designated Backcountry15$12.00
Elkwood Campground
(May 11 – October 9)
Firepits, flush toilets, outhouses, playground, amphitheater, pay phone, power, water hookup, secure food storage, showers ($2/5 min).Unserviced61$31.00
Water/Power (30 amp)69$47.00
Forks Backcountry
(June 14 – November 30)
Outhouse, Secure food storage, No Fires AllowedDesignated Backcountry20$12.00
Interlakes Campground
(May 18 – October 10)
Firepits, Outhouses, Hand Boat Launch, Secure Food StorageUnserviced48$31.00
Lower Lake Campground
(May 11 – September 24)
Firepits, Playground, Pay Phone, Water (pump and tap), Secure Food Storage, Outhouses.Unserviced83$31.00
Mount Sarrail Walk-in Tenting Campground
(June 24 – September 5)
Firepits, Outhouses, Water (pump), Secure Food Storage.Walk In Tenting44$31.00
Point Backcountry Campground
(Year Round)
Outhouses, Secure Food Storage, No Fires AllowedDesignated Backcountry20$12.00
Three Isle Lake Backcountry Campground (June 22 – November 30)Outhouses, Secure Food Storage, No Fires AllowedDesignated Backcountry16$12.00
Turbine Canyon Backcountry Campground
(June 22 – November 30)
Outhouses, Secure Food Storage, No Fires AllowedDesignated Backcountry15$12.00
William Watson Lodge Campground
(May 19 – October 10)
*Exclusive to clients of the William Watson Lodge
Firepits, Playground, Pay Phone, Showers, Laundry, Firewood (for sale), Water (tap and hookup), Power, Sewage Disposal, Wheelchair Accessible, cabinsWater/Sewer/Power (15/30 amps)11$16.00
Group Camping
Lower Lake Group Use
(Year Round)
Firepits, Firewood, Picnic Shelter, Outhouses, Water (tap and pump)15 RVs + 10 tents25 units$395.00/10 units + $31/ extra unit
Pocaterra Walk In Tenting Group Use
(May 18 – October 10)
Firepits, Firewood, Outhouses, Picnic Shelter, Water (pump)20 tents20 units$395.00/10 units + $31/ extra unit
William Watson Lodge (only disabled Albertans can book)Fully Serviced Cabins and CampingSee Alberta Parks Website
This data is accurate as of 2023. * Campground closed for 2023 season
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Day Use at Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park has 22 designated day use areas through the park in all kinds of different terrain.

Day Use AreaActivities & AmenitiesSeason
Black PrinceHiking trails (front country) and picnic areas

Black Prince Trail Interpretive Pamphlet
Year Round
Boulton BridgeHiking trails (front country & interpretive), picnic areas, mountain biking, cross country skiing.

Firepits are available as well as outhouses.

Boulton Creek Interpretive Pamphlet
Year Round
Bursall PassHiking trails (front country & back country), mountain biking, picnic areas, snowshoeing, cross country skiing.

Outhouses are available
Year Round
CanyonHiking (back country & front country), mountain biking, picnics, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Available amenities include: boat launch, firepits, pay phone, outhouses, and water.
Year Round
Chester LakeHiking (back country and front country), mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Chester Lake Winter Trails Pamphlet
Year Round
Elbow PassHiking (front country), mountain biking, equestrian trails.June 15 – November 30
Elk PassHiking (front country), mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.Year Round
ElkwoodOuthouses are available.Year Round
ElpocaJune 15 – September 3
Grizzly CreekMay 11 – September 3
Highwood MeadowsHiking (front country and interpretive)June 15 – November 30
King CreekMay 11 – September 3
Little Highwood PassJune 15 – November 30
Lower LakeActivities include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.December 1 – March 31
North InterlakesHiking (front and back country), camping (backcountry), picnics, mountain biking.

Outhouses are available.
Year Round
PanoramaHiking (front country) and mountain bikingYear Round
PeninsulaHiking (front country)May 1 – November 1
PocaterraHiking (front country), mountain biking, picnics, cross country skiing.

Amenities include a cook shelter, outhouse, secure food lockers, warmup shelter (winter only).
Year Round
Rock GlacierHiking (interpretive)June 15 – November 30
SawmillHiking (front country), mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing.Year Round (hikers and bikers are June 1 – September 20 only)
Upper LakeHiking (front country and interpretive), mountain biking, picnics, cross country skiing)

Amenities include a boat launch, firepits, pay phone, water pump, and outhouses.
Year Round
White SpruceHiking (front country and interpretive). This is the trailhead for the Canadian Mount Everest Expedition Interpretive Trail.May 1 – November 1
Information is accurate as of 2023
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