Exploring Alberta’s Provincial Parks: Thunder Lake

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About Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake Provincial Park is located on the northeastern shores of Thunder Lake, about 140km northwest of Edmonton. There is three islands included in the park as well as a larger area on the shores of the lake. The park spans just over 2 square kilometers making it one of Alberta’s smaller parks however it does have well developed facilities.

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Summer at Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake Provincial Park in Alberta has one main campground, which is located on the south shore of Thunder Lake. The campground offers a range of amenities, including campsites with electrical hookups, showers, and flush toilets. The park also has two group use areas, which are available for group camping and picnics.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Thunder Lake Provincial Park. The park’s crystal-clear lake is home to a variety of fish species, including walleye, northern pike, and lake trout. Visitors can enjoy fishing from the shore or by boat, with boat launches available in the park.

Water-based activities are also a major draw for visitors to Thunder Lake Provincial Park. In addition to swimming and boating, visitors can bring canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Another thrilling water-based activity that can be enjoyed in Thunder Lake Provincial Park is wind surfing. The park’s strong and consistent winds make it an ideal location for wind surfing enthusiasts looking for a challenging and exhilarating experience on the water. The park’s beach area is a great place to relax, sunbathe, and take a refreshing dip in the lake’s cool waters.

Hiking is another popular activity in Thunder Lake Provincial Park. The park has several trails that wind through its stunning forests and offer breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding landscape. The trails range in difficulty, making them suitable for visitors of all levels. For those looking for a unique and exciting outdoor adventure, geocaching is a fun and challenging activity that can be enjoyed in Thunder Lake Provincial Park. Visitors can use GPS devices or their smartphones to navigate their way through the park, searching for hidden caches and discovering new and interesting locations.

For those looking for a more laid-back activity, Thunder Lake Provincial Park has several picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a relaxing picnic in the great outdoors. The park also has a playground for children looking for a fun place to play.

In addition to the activities mentioned earlier, Thunder Lake Provincial Park also offers visitors the chance to play baseball and volleyball. The park’s beautiful natural surroundings make for a perfect setting for a friendly game of ball

Overall, Thunder Lake Provincial Park is a great destination for visitors looking to enjoy the natural beauty of central Alberta while engaging in a range of fun summer activities. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing on the beach, Thunder Lake Provincial Park has something for everyone.

Winter at Thunder Lake

During the winter months, Thunder Lake Provincial Park in Alberta offers visitors the opportunity to engage in one primary activity – ice fishing.

As the lake freezes over during the winter, it becomes an ideal location for ice fishing enthusiasts to try their hand at catching fish through the ice. Visitors can set up their fishing gear on the frozen lake and wait for the fish to bite.

Ice fishing in Thunder Lake Provincial Park is a popular activity among both locals and tourists. The park provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience the thrill of ice fishing in a beautiful and serene winter setting. Visitors can enjoy the quiet solitude of the frozen lake and take in the stunning winter landscape.

Overall, if you are an ice fishing enthusiast, Thunder Lake Provincial Park is a great winter destination to enjoy this popular winter sport. However, if you are looking for other winter activities such as skiing or snowshoeing, you may need to explore other nearby parks or attractions in the area.

Camping at Thunder Lake

There is one main campground at Thunder Lake Provincial Park as well as two group use areas.

CampgroundAmenitiesType of SiteAmount AvailableCost/Night
Thunder Lake Campground
(May 18 – September 18)
Boat launch, cook shelter, firepits, firewood (for sale), fish cleaning stations, flush toilets, supply store, pay phone, picnic shelter, pier, outhouses, playgrounds, sewage dump, showers, water taps, wheelchair accessiblePower (15/30 amp)66$38.00
Unserviced 61$30.00
Group Camping
Loop D Group Use
(May 18 – September 18)
Firepits, firewood (for sale), pay phone, picnic shelter, outhouses, sewage dump, showers, water pumps, water tapsUnserviced25 units$375/10 units + $30/ extra unit
Loop E Group Use
(May 18 – September 18)
Firepits, firewood (for sale), pay phone, picnic shelter, outhouses, sewage dumpUnserviced6 units$225/5 units + $30/ extra unit
This data is accurate as of 2023

Day Use at Thunder Lake

There is two day use areas at Thunder Lake Provincial Park: Boat Launch Day Use Area, and Beach Day Use Area.

  1. Boat Launch Day Use – The boat launch day use area provides access to Thunder Lake and can be used for picnics. There is a boat launch, firepits, firewood (for sale), pier, outhouses, and water pumps. This day use area is open year-round
  2. Beach Day Use – This day use area provides visitors with access to the lake for swimming purposes. There is a beach, change rooms, firepits, firewood (sold), pay phone, outhouses, playgrounds, and water taps here for visitors. This day use area is open between April 15 and September 30.

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