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Alberta is an incredibly diverse and expansive province with countless opportunities for locals and tourists alike to explore. Our goal is to appeal to each of the common recreational activities enjoyed by Albertans in order to help people enjoy more of this amazing province! Below are some of our categories:


Latest Alberta Discovery Content

  • Top 3 Crown Land Locations Near Calgary
    Calgary has some incredible public land right on our doorstep yet many Calgarians don’t even know of its existence. OfContinue reading “Top 3 Crown Land Locations Near Calgary”
  • All About Abraham Lake – A Crown Land Favourite
    If you follow the Crown Land Camping Alberta Facebook group at all you will find that Abraham Lake is definitely one of the more popular destinations in the Alberta Public Land Use Zones (PLUZ). The lake is located alongside several PLUZ including Kiska Willson PLUZ, Upper Clearwater/Ram PLUZ, and Job/Cline PLUZ (technically doesn’t have any shoreline but it is very close and overlooks the lake). The David Thompson Highway runs along the northern shore of the lake and offers some amazing views if it is more of a road trip that you are searching for!
  • Exploring Alberta’s Crown Land: Ghost – Public Land Use Zone
    Ghost is a Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ) found in Southern Alberta. Like other PLUZ, Ghost is a popular place for backcountry campers and off-road enthusiasts. For people in north Calgary (or Cochrane/Airdrie) this is the most accessible PLUZ. Due to its large size, cool terrain, and wide range of activities – Ghost has long been a favorite for people looking to enjoy our gorgeous crown land (Ghost is my personal favourite PLUZ).