Exploring Alberta’s Ghost Towns: Minnewanka Landing

Each day, thousands of Albertans and tourists explore Lake Minnewanka, but many don’t know about the ghost town lying beneath its frigid waters. Minnewanka Landing was a playground for the rich and affluent at the turn of the 20th century. It would later be destroyed because of Calgary’s growth. Here is that story!

Exploring Alberta’s Ghost Towns: Georgetown

Georgetown was a coal mining town in the Canmore/Banff region that was born from the remains of the failed Anthracite mine.

Exploring Alberta’s Ghost Towns: Bankhead

Bankhead was founded near the old Anthracite townsite after the town entered a state of decline and the mine was closing up.

Exploring Alberta’s Ghost Towns: Anthracite

Anthracite, Alberta is a former coal mining town found in Banff National Park. It was established in 1886 with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway line through the Bow Valley. Today visitors with a keen eye can still see evidence of the town’s existence. So what exactly was this town that is an important part of Banff’s history?